Self-driving real estate

We're putting property management on autopilot

Meet IdealHub

We think the hardest part of investing in real-estate should be choosing your investment - not managing your property. IdealHub was founded by software engineers on a mission to simplify rentals with automated best practices for managing rentals so that you can entrust your assets to proven systems instead of a friend-of-a-fiend.

Our Services

Property Management

Tenant Viewing
Tenant Screening
Digital Tenancy
Rental Collection
Bill Monitoring

We provide a range of offline property management services. We are dedicated to maximizing your rental income by automating your property management with algorithms.

Together with the industry's best practices, you as an owner would be able to sit back, relax and monitor your property and rentals run automatically through our system.

Our Systems

Flexible Renting & Listing

In the old way, you can either rent monthly through an agent or rent daily through a airbnb operator. Why not get the best of both world, where we can help you rent on both daily and monthly. Our system can maximize your rental during each peak cycle therefore maximize your return.

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We get tenants faster

Instance responses and applications so no time is wasted

Better for renters

The only way to get a rental without spending time on property viewing, negotiation and signing of contract

Using Big Data to better target tenant

We investigate the viability and potential of a rental area through our data. These insights are based on in depth analysis of demographic and phycographic data, lifestyle and leisure trends, renting patterns and preferences.

Today, we have over 20,000+ members and it is grawing rapidly. By understanding whats our members want, we can better match your unit to our members and therefore increasing your rental income.

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Let platform enforce your rental and bookings

You will have a peace of mind once all rent charges, security deposits and incidental fees are all running on a system as tightly coordinated as a trip to Mars. We will handle the tenant screening, utilities monitoring, rental collection and eviction if rental are not paid.

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No room for human error

Reminders, precise calculations and automated transfers

Every rental term enforced

Deposits? Utilities? We've got methods to enforce each term.

Your property security is our priority

We designed our system to have security in mind. All our tenant and guest needs to be verify before being allowed to rent the property. As for the monthly rental, our tenant screening process cross check the tenant application with the relevant bodies such as university and workspace.

We provide up to RM 5,000 equivalent damange protection to owners.*

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Why Us?

We're on a mission to change the property industry

Take away your hassle

Don't tear your hair out trying to manage your own rental, tenant screening, maintenance and risk-mitigation. Instead, let us run it for you.

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Earn higher returns

Depends on your flavour, we can help you to rent your property on both daily, monthly or yearly basis with a guaranteed of getting income every month. Isn't that the point of becoming a real estate investor?

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Try the new way

No more looking for property agent, scouting for contractors either pumbling, electrical or contractor or managing tenant means that you can have more time for your own. That's the great thing about technology; no one wastes time on work that can be automated.

"Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted" - Kevin Gates

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We are an online rental service platform dedicated to serve both tenants and homeowner by simplifying the rental process.
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