The First Subscription Based
Property Rental

What is subscription based rental?

Compare to traditional renting which is requires a 1 year contract, subscription based rental give you the ultimate flexibility. Tenant can rent a minimum of 2 months with auto-renewal, upgrade or downgrade to another property or even move to a new location.

IdealHub Subscription Based Rental

Decide your own duration

No need to lock to a 12 month contract. You can rent minimum 2 months with an option of auto-renewal.

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We get tenants faster

Instance responses and applications so no time is wasted

What you see is what you get

Once your application approve, you can move in within 3 days and we guarantee the property is in top condition.

You can move-in faster

Once your application approve, you can move in within 3 days and we guarantee the property is in top condition.

Better for renters

The only way to get a rental without spending time on property viewing, negotiation and signing of contract. We can arrange virtual viewing for you if needed.

Move, upgrade or downgrade with ease

Just like any subscription service, you can easily upgrade, downgrade, move your rental to a new location with ease without penalty on your deposit.

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Upgrade / downgrade property

For any reason, you can upgrade from a room to whole unit studio or downgrade from a 2-bedroom unit to a studio unit without any penalty on your deposit

Moving to a new place

Let say you are renting with IdealHub in Cyberjaya and got a new job in KL, you can easily move to another IdealHub property in KL without much hassle.

We don't forfeit all your security deposit if you cancel early

Unlike tradition rental where your deposit will be fully forfeited when you terminate your rental agreement early, IdealHub only forfeit your deposit based on how many months left in your membership.

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Transfer your membership to get 100% of your deposit back

We don't charge any penalty on your deposit if you want to terminate your membership subscription early. Just find another person to take over your membership.

Expat? New to Malaysia? Can't find a place? Let's build your renter profile with us

It is very difficult as an expat to find a place to rent in Malaysia. IdealHub will talk and provide a recommendation letter to your new potential owner if you have a rental history with us for a minimum 6 months provided you pay your rent on time and keep the property safe and clean.

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Secure online rental payment

You can pay your rental using your foreign credit card if you have difficulty to apply a bank account or getting cash. For foreign student, your parents can pay your rent through our secure online payment without the expensive bank transfer fees

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How to rent with IdealHub

Find a rental
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View online or personally
You can schedule to view the property personally or online.
Apply online
Once you confirm, just fill up the information online.
Become a member
Once accepted, you will be an IdealHub member.
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