Sublet House Rules

Welcome to staying at your ideal home with IdealHub. In order to ensure your safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of others, we require that you adhere to the house rules that are set out by IdealHub.

Failure to comply with the house rules may result in reduction of your tenant credit score and/or financial penalty, and/or termination of lease.

This agreement is a separate incorporated addendum to the tenacy agreement between tenant and IdealHub. Subject to law, new rules and regulations or amendments to these rules may be adopted by IdealHub upon giving 30 days notice in writing or email. These rules and any changes or amendments have a legitimate purpose and are not intended to be arbitrary or work as a substantial modification of Tenant’s rights. They will not be unequally enforced.

  1. Tenant is responsible for the conduct of guests and their adherence to these rules and regulations at all times.
  2. Tenant shall not remove any property from the premises.
  3. Tenant shall not relocate any of the furnishings without the written consent from IdealHub.
  4. IdealHub reserve the right to ask any tenant to move out within 3 days if there is a safety concern, including but not limited to threatening other housemates, breaking other housemates’ personal belongings or things in the house, or stealing.
  5. For rental that is not paid on the stipulated date agreed in the tenancy agreement, the tenant will be given a grace period of 3 days. Thereafter, a late payment penalty fee of RM10 per day will be charged to the tenant. This will continue to accrue until all payment has been made by the tenant.

  1. Tenant shall maintain the premises rented to him/her clean and sanitary. Tenant shall ensure that the premises is free of accumulations of garbage or other materials which will cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire of safety ordinance or regulation or attract vermin.
  2. Garbage shall be disposed of in the garbage containers designated for the purpose. Large boxes and containers shall be broken down so as not to consume too much space in the garbage containers.
  3. Any garbage that is biodegradable needs to be tied up in container bags and disposed off as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted bacteria growing or attract vermin or any odours. They are to be disposed off into the appropriate exterior container. These are located either in a common garbage room on your floor (if you are staying in a high-rise building) or in front of your house (if you are staying on a landed property).
  4. Tenant is responsible for putting out and taking in trash containers on trash pickup days. (This is only if you are staying on a landed property).
  5. Tenant shall not place, keep or store any item in the common areas such as the halls, or stairways of the Premises without IdealHub’s written agreement.
  6. Sanitary pads are not to be thrown into toilet bowls to prevent the toilet bowl from being clogged up.

  1. No clothing, curtains or other items shall be hung from balconies or out of windows. They are only be hung at the designated laundry area.
  2. No items of furniture shall be placed in common areas except when actually in use. These items are also not to be placed in such a way that they block or in anyway impede passage of others.
  3. Tenant shall refrain from making or allowing his/her guests to create any noise or sounds in the premises or common areas which is disturbing to residents or neighbours during the hours from 10pm to 10am.
  4. Tenant shall refrain from playing any musical instrument, radio, music system, entertainment system, television or any other noise-making devices set at a volume which causes disturbance to other residents.
  5. Tenant shall refrain from any conduct which a reasonable person would deem likely to annoy or disturb other residents, while in the rental unit itself, or the common areas and parking facilities. Tenant shall also ensure his/her guests do the same.
  6. Tenant shall refrain from using any sound-producing devices, including musical instruments and stereo equipment on the porches or balconies.
  7. Tenant shall not sleep in any of the common areas other than your own designated rooms.
  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the unit. Smoking is only allowed in open areas, i.e. where there is no roof. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the unit.
  10. Drugs or any illegal substances are strictly prohibited within the unit. Any tenant caught will be immediately handed over to the authorities, and have the lease terminated.
  11. Pets are strictly prohibited within the unit.
  12. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight at the premise.

  1. Tenant is responsible for keeping the rental unit secure. IdealHub or the landlord is not responsible for the illegal acts of others, including burglary or theft.
  2. If Tenant misplaces, loses or is otherwise without a key, parking card or other opener supplied to Tenant by IdealHub, Tenant agrees to pay IdealHub the fee needed to replace for a new key, card or opener. Tenant shall not duplicate the keys to the premises or lend keys to others.
  3. IdealHub or the Landlord does not provided any form of insurance coverage to the tenant. Tenant shall solely be responsible to securing his/her own tenant’s insurance policy to protect his/her belongings in the event of flood, fire, theft or other loss or damage. IdealHub nor the landlord is not responsible for loss or damage to tenant’s property.
  4. Tenant shall inform IdealHub immediately if any door, gates or window lock in the premises become unserviceable.
  5. Tenant shall not use or store gasoline or other combustible substances in the rental unit or any parking or storage spaces provided in connection with the occupancy of the unit. The usage of gas is only allowed at the kitchen stove that has been pre-installed by the landlord.
  6. Incense and candles are not permitted on the premises.
  7. Firearms are not permitted on the premises.
  8. All appliances must be turned off before leaving the premises.
  9. Children on the premises must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

  1. Tenant shall notify IdealHub of any necessary repairs to the premises as soon as it is discovered.
  2. Tenant shall not make any modifications or alterations to the rental unit without the prior written consent of IdealHub. Decorations of any kind shall be installed in such a way as not to damage the walls, ceilings, floors and carpets. Under no circumstances shall aluminium or other metal foils, newspaper or any other such substances be used as a window covering.
  3. Costs of clearing plumbing stoppages or repairing damage to the rental unit or appliances supplied therewith, which are the result of negligence or misuse by tenant shall be charged to the tenant and by payable upon demand.

  1. Tenant shall only park his/her vehicle at the assigned parking space and use it for parking only. If the tenant violates any parking rules that result in a fine, the cost shall be borne by the tenant.
  2. Parking spaces may not be used for storage.
DepartmentNumber to call
Police / Ambulance999
Fire and Rescue (Bomba)994

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