Want your rental simplified?

We are an online rental service platform dedicated
to serve both tenants and homeowner
by simplifying the rental process.

How to find a stylish home with IdealHub

With our help, renting will be painless. Sit back and let us handle everything.

how to find home with IdealHub - Step 1 - Search listing

Search for property

Listing with 360 degrees tours, personalise search and alerts

how to find home with IdealHub - Step 2 - Online booking and payment

Book and pay online

Easy and secure online payments such as credit card or bank payment

how to find home with IdealHub - Step 3 - Move in

Move into your unit

Guaranteed maintenance and cleaning services

How we can help

Below, you will find a list of our services that will simplify rental for both house owners and tenants.



Hosting properties on IdealHub and others online rental platform.

Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimisation

Managing short-stay bookings and long-term rental by optimizing occupancy


Providing property maintenance, monitor and pay bills on behalf of owners
Supplementary Service

Supplementary Services

Providing cleaning, laundry and other supplementary services with our partners
Concierge Service

Concierge Services

Providing concierge service to tenant to report maintenance issues and etc.
Online Payment

Online Payment

Providing online payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer and recurring direct debit to pay rental

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How to lease out with no hassles at IdealHub

Is your unit left empty? Or are you running homestay / vacation rental by yourself?

Leasing your unit out does not have to be a hassle. Let IdealHub handle all and you can seat back and relax. 

IdealHub platform now supports more than 100 units of homestay, vacation rental and long term rental across Malaysia. We cover areas in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Ipoh and Johor.

Landlord Step 1 - Schedule Appointment

Schedule an appointment

Takes just 2 minutes. We just need your basic info to call you back.

Landlord Step 2 - Develop Rental Plan

Develop rental plan

Finallze offer and answer all your questions from an empty unit to tenant-ready.

Landlord Step 3 - Become Idealhub Host

Become IdealHub host

We handle all rental and property management for you. Gives you peace of mind.

Making rental as easy as booking a hotel room​

Transparency. Genuine listings. Personal concierge for your property management. Automated online payment. You can have it all with IdealHub.

We are online rental service platform dedicated to serve both tenants and homeowner by simplifying the rental process.

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