Getting your ROI?

Make your investment count

Not getting your rental income on time? No transparency about whether your property manager is giving you the right data on your revenue and occupancy rate?

As a property investor, you should not need to deal with these issues. Let us solve all your worries today, and you can seat back, relax and watch your income grow. Don’t let go of your potential income, contact us today!

Rental Income

Get paid on time every time

We understand that rental income is crucial to you and so it will always be paid on time to you through our integration with banks.

Paid On Time Icon
Automated payouts

Payouts through bank transfers are system generated

Flexible Payout Icon
Flexible payout

Payouts can be to either one account or multiple ones and supports different split percentages

Accurate Payout icon
Accurate payout

Integrated with bookings to get total revenue and deductions are calculated by system

Ringgit Currency Notes

Transparency of earnings

No need to second guess

Transparency Earnings

Worried if you are paid correctly? With IdealHub, we give you control over these information so that you can verify.

Access info anytime and anywhere

With our online portal, you are able to access your unit earnings

View All Bookings Icon
View all bookings

You will know when your unit is occupied and how much it is earning

Downloadable Reports

Reports show breakdown of all bookings, revenue and expenses for each payout

Property Marketing

Save time and cost

No more dealing with pesky bills, or learning to advertise your property or worried about being charged extra for renovation. IdealHub is a one-stop service to remove all your hassles in rental.

Pay Bills On Behalf Icon
Bills paid on time

We can pay your property's bills on your behalf

Affordable Renovation Icon
Affordable renovation

Engage with our renovation team to beautify the place

Multiple Platform Icon
Advertise on multiple platforms

We will advertise your property on popular platforms

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