Covid-19 Response

Dear Guests,

We know this is a challenging time to travel. For those of you who are planning your upcoming travel, we’d like to assure you that we have been taking these additional steps to ensure your safety and cleanliness of all our units. 

1. Enhanced cleaning routine
Cleanliness is more important to us now than ever. Each unit has fresh linens which means it is changed on every check-out. We also sanitise our unit with disinfecting solutions – our cleaners use detergent and water, then spray with a disinfectant on tables, door knobs, switches, faucets and other frequently touched surface. 

2. Ventilate units for at least two days
All our units will be closed for at least 2 days to ventilate before we begin cleaning and disinfecting. This is a recommended practice to increase air circulation in the space. 

3. Support of social distancing
IdealHub have always been offering self-checkin to our guests – this will continue to minimize person-to-person contact during their stay. 

Stay safe, we will get through this !

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